Balkan Ruby 2020 May 15 - 16, 2020
CFP closed

The CFP closed on Feb 3, 2020 at 12:00pm EET

Thank you for all submitted proposals!

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Balkan Ruby's aim is to bring world-class talks to the Balkan area and allow the local community to interact with the wider Ruby community from Europe and around the world.

We like talks based around Ruby and satellite technologies.


We're a 2 day, single-track conference. We don't group the talks under different umbrellas and all of them run in the same track. Depending on the year we have either 12 or 14 talks.


We're a Ruby focused conference, but we enjoy satellite technologies as well, think talks about Crystal, Rubex, Elixir, Opal and the likes.

Here are a couple of suggestions:

Ruby Internals

How does the GC work? What you did to make Ruby faster or more maintainable? Maybe you rewrote a feature from C/Java in Ruby? Tell us everything about the gritty-nitty Ruby internals you wrote or like!

Development Techniques

Do you believe that mutability is the source of all the bugs in the world, do you like event tracing? Tell us all about that!

Tooling Showcase

We had talks about Ruby Jets, the upcoming type system in Ruby 3 and so on. If you developed something cool, we'd love for you to tell us all about it!

Arts & Crafts

Do you use Ruby to produce music? Script video games? Mess with your pets? We'd love to showcase your creative Ruby uses at Balkan Ruby!

Morals & Ethics

Do you believe that our goal as a species is to develop General AI? Maybe the robots really are out to get us! Maybe the governments are spying on all of our data we gladly give out for free.

We'd love you to get philosophical and hear your opinions on how technology affects our human interactions.

Time Slots

We're looking for talks that are at most 40 minutes long. Don't try to fill them, if your talk is, say, only 30 minutes long. The attendees will get a longer break and have more time to hang-out! We don't group the talks in different timeslots and keep the schedule fixed to the 40 minutes gaps.


We don't do Questions and Answers after the talk. If you want to accept questions from the crowd, they can get you after the talk.


We believe that no speaker should cover any speaking expenses. We cover the hotel and plane tickets for the event for every speaker, not just famous or invited ones.*

* We may ask if your employer can cover your expenses in exchange for a "Thank You" on our sponsors' page. If your employer can't cover your expenses, we will.